Gajendra Moksham and its inner meaning

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Most of us know the story of Gajendra, the elephant king, who was in the clutches of Makara (Crocodile), called out to Aadi Moola (the one who is the reason behind every being, animate and inanimate) to come to his rescue.

If we reflect on the story a little deeper, we will realize it is our story, the story of the jiva’s endless journey trapped into the vicious cycle of Samsaara.Just like Gajendra, the jiva has been roaming aimlessly, enjoying all the Bhogas available to him. Only during the time of a deep crisis do we even care to remember the greater Force which drives everything in this Universe(Bhramaanda).Even if The Lord’s Naama is chanted just once, with pure Bhakti and faith, He will rush to our resuce.Just as Hari rushed to the rescue of Gajendra, prodding Garuda, his mount to go faster and faster for his Bhakta who was crying out in distress.

The Crocodile here is representing the various sensory organs which succumb to the pleasures offered by Samsaara and the Jiva which is Gajendra is under its clutches.The moment, the Jiva cries out to Hari to free him the Moha-Maya of Samsaara with COMPLETE SURRENDER (Sharanagati) to the Lords feet, Narayana blesses the jiva to be free from the travails of Samsaara sagaram, granting the Jiva Mukti/Moksha.

This is what the story of Gajendra Moksham actually tries to convery.


Why Read The Puranas/ Itihasas

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On one hand we worship a large number of Devatas with the wish to get all kinds of desires fulfilled while on the other hand, our GURU’s tell us that there is only ONE which exits everywhere and in everyone that is PARAMATMA. So why is it that we have the 18 Puranas as well as Itihasas Sri Ramayana and Mahabharata?

If we have to learn to even understand Advaita or that there is only ONE and no other we have to first visualise the Omnipresent Paramatma in Saguna form.So we had this rich oral tradition of Bhagavat Katha narrated in the form of Question and Answer,by either Rishis like Narada to Valmiki in the case Sri Ramayana, Shuka Maharshi to Parikshit in Srimad Bhagavatam, or as in case of most Puranas, Suta narrating to the Sages performing Yagna at Naimisharanya.

All of them addressed, the basic question of the ONE who creates, makes everything happen and then dissolves everything onto HIM out of compassion for the ever suffering Jivatma.

Anything which is explained with lively interesting examples and stories always stays in the mind for long and helps us contemplate deeper in serach of SATYAM.Each Sravana/listening of any Purana say Srimad Bhagavatam or Sri Ramayana will convey a different understanding of the same story.The first time, mostly as a child, it will merely be a fascinating story like a fairy tale,later the literary beauty of the text will appeal, then the questions will start to arise and at this stage a GURU will ideally clarify the questions and give clarity of thought and take us on the road to seeking Gyana.

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Now when we read the same Purana/Itihasa, it will convey a completely different meaning, help us look Inside rather than get involved with the oustside world.The Truth/Satya is very simple yet very complex and difficult to follow.

When there is ONLY ONE all around then where would be the question of ragaa, dvesha, the two main areas of conflict all around.We are governed and controlled by our 5 senses(Pancha indriya) and mind. Intense Sadhana is required to be able to reach that state wherein all Indriyas are under the control of the mind and not otherwise. Hence, to help us in this Sadhana, all the Bhagavat Kathas and Itihasas are given to us by our Illustrious Rishis. Satsangam,Sravana,Kritanam are all different means of seeking the same Goal.

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BhagavanNaama Mahima

My introduction to Srimad Bhagavatham was through modern technology via youtube by way of a spellbinding discourse of Sri Nochur Venkataraman. Though familiar with the Dasama Skandam of Srimad Bhagavatham (Sri Krishna Leela), I had not read or heard any Upanyasams on this very special grantham of Sri Vyasa Bhagavaan.  But the Bhagavatha Hrudayam discourse of Sri Venkataraman had me hooked, made me buy Srimad Bhagavatham in Sanskrit verse and English translation(2 volumes published by Gita Press), start reading it and search for more discourses on the Purana.

In this Kali Yugam, only Chanting BhagavanNaama is the pathway to Mukti from the unending cycles of life and death. Maharshi Veda Vyasa was filled with joy when Kali Yagam had started, and on his Shishyas questioning the reason for his extreme happiness, he stated that, the Age of Kali has dawned on us and thus the easiest Margam for Moksha for mankind is now possible. Satsangam, chanting BhagavanNaama alone is enough to attain Moksha in this most terrible Kali Yugam. Severe Tapas(Meditation) in Satya Yugam, Yagnam(Sacrifices) in Treta yugam, Archana (worshipping) in Dwapara yugam while in Kali yugam Kirtana (chanting BhagavanNama) alone will grant Moksha

Bhagavat Katha Sravanam/Satsangam is the easiest way to chant BhagavanNama and to be away from the unwanted distractions of modern day life.And the beauty of Sanatama Dharmam is that you get to choose your Istha deivam and chant the Naama of Devata of your liking.

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More thoughts on Srimad Bhagavatam discourse in next post.

A simple desire to write about everyday experiences

This blog is a very amatuer attempt at expressing random thoughts on life, the journey, THE SELF and more…….The thought to write a blog just manifested itself today morning, during one of those moments when you are going about your routine chores.The more I thought about it, the more intimidating it sounded, though a voice inside kept telling me to go and atleast make an attempt to write something.

This is that attempt…….

I am sure all of us would have asked this basic question at some point in our lives, how does life begin?The story of Creation and the Creator.And all of us would have got different answers for this question at different stages of our lives from different people, according to their own understanding of the subject.

And this basic question leads us to explore more and more into the teachings of our Sages and Rishis, who have left behind a unparalled legacy of their life’s SADHANA. And we are blessed to have among us people, who are able to guide us on the teachings of Adi Shankara, Veda Vyasa, both foremost among our Gurus, whom we should be grateful to everyday for showing us the pathway to Self-Realisation.

My attempt here is just to put forward and share my thoughts on what I have imbibed from listening to Disourses on the Puranas and Itihasas.