BhagavanNaama Mahima

My introduction to Srimad Bhagavatham was through modern technology via youtube by way of a spellbinding discourse of Sri Nochur Venkataraman. Though familiar with the Dasama Skandam of Srimad Bhagavatham (Sri Krishna Leela), I had not read or heard any Upanyasams on this very special grantham of Sri Vyasa Bhagavaan.  But the Bhagavatha Hrudayam discourse of Sri Venkataraman had me hooked, made me buy Srimad Bhagavatham in Sanskrit verse and English translation(2 volumes published by Gita Press), start reading it and search for more discourses on the Purana.

In this Kali Yugam, only Chanting BhagavanNaama is the pathway to Mukti from the unending cycles of life and death. Maharshi Veda Vyasa was filled with joy when Kali Yagam had started, and on his Shishyas questioning the reason for his extreme happiness, he stated that, the Age of Kali has dawned on us and thus the easiest Margam for Moksha for mankind is now possible. Satsangam, chanting BhagavanNaama alone is enough to attain Moksha in this most terrible Kali Yugam. Severe Tapas(Meditation) in Satya Yugam, Yagnam(Sacrifices) in Treta yugam, Archana (worshipping) in Dwapara yugam while in Kali yugam Kirtana (chanting BhagavanNama) alone will grant Moksha

Bhagavat Katha Sravanam/Satsangam is the easiest way to chant BhagavanNama and to be away from the unwanted distractions of modern day life.And the beauty of Sanatama Dharmam is that you get to choose your Istha deivam and chant the Naama of Devata of your liking.

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More thoughts on Srimad Bhagavatam discourse in next post.


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