A simple desire to write about everyday experiences

This blog is a very amatuer attempt at expressing random thoughts on life, the journey, THE SELF and more…….The thought to write a blog just manifested itself today morning, during one of those moments when you are going about your routine chores.The more I thought about it, the more intimidating it sounded, though a voice inside kept telling me to go and atleast make an attempt to write something.

This is that attempt…….

I am sure all of us would have asked this basic question at some point in our lives, how does life begin?The story of Creation and the Creator.And all of us would have got different answers for this question at different stages of our lives from different people, according to their own understanding of the subject.

And this basic question leads us to explore more and more into the teachings of our Sages and Rishis, who have left behind a unparalled legacy of their life’s SADHANA. And we are blessed to have among us people, who are able to guide us on the teachings of Adi Shankara, Veda Vyasa, both foremost among our Gurus, whom we should be grateful to everyday for showing us the pathway to Self-Realisation.

My attempt here is just to put forward and share my thoughts on what I have imbibed from listening to Disourses on the Puranas and Itihasas.


2 thoughts on “A simple desire to write about everyday experiences

  1. baloov says:

    you can definitely do it anu.It would be useful to people like me.try nothing wrong.With the Blessings of Periyava it should come out well, it is my sincere wish.If anybody can read and aquire knowledge out oft that it is deemed to be your VIDHYADHANAM


  2. Aravind says:

    Great concept.. Thinking about it is something but implementing it is another. I wish more people thought about this question and some up with different perspectives rather than criticizing others most of the time. This is not just a random thought. Its “A Welcome Thought”.


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