Why Read The Puranas/ Itihasas

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On one hand we worship a large number of Devatas with the wish to get all kinds of desires fulfilled while on the other hand, our GURU’s tell us that there is only ONE which exits everywhere and in everyone that is PARAMATMA. So why is it that we have the 18 Puranas as well as Itihasas Sri Ramayana and Mahabharata?

If we have to learn to even understand Advaita or that there is only ONE and no other we have to first visualise the Omnipresent Paramatma in Saguna form.So we had this rich oral tradition of Bhagavat Katha narrated in the form of Question and Answer,by either Rishis like Narada to Valmiki in the case Sri Ramayana, Shuka Maharshi to Parikshit in Srimad Bhagavatam, or as in case of most Puranas, Suta narrating to the Sages performing Yagna at Naimisharanya.

All of them addressed, the basic question of the ONE who creates, makes everything happen and then dissolves everything onto HIM out of compassion for the ever suffering Jivatma.

Anything which is explained with lively interesting examples and stories always stays in the mind for long and helps us contemplate deeper in serach of SATYAM.Each Sravana/listening of any Purana say Srimad Bhagavatam or Sri Ramayana will convey a different understanding of the same story.The first time, mostly as a child, it will merely be a fascinating story like a fairy tale,later the literary beauty of the text will appeal, then the questions will start to arise and at this stage a GURU will ideally clarify the questions and give clarity of thought and take us on the road to seeking Gyana.

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Now when we read the same Purana/Itihasa, it will convey a completely different meaning, help us look Inside rather than get involved with the oustside world.The Truth/Satya is very simple yet very complex and difficult to follow.

When there is ONLY ONE all around then where would be the question of ragaa, dvesha, the two main areas of conflict all around.We are governed and controlled by our 5 senses(Pancha indriya) and mind. Intense Sadhana is required to be able to reach that state wherein all Indriyas are under the control of the mind and not otherwise. Hence, to help us in this Sadhana, all the Bhagavat Kathas and Itihasas are given to us by our Illustrious Rishis. Satsangam,Sravana,Kritanam are all different means of seeking the same Goal.

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