Gajendra Moksham and its inner meaning

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Note: The image used is taken from google images with no intention of violating any copyright.Credit to the original uploader.

Most of us know the story of Gajendra, the elephant king, who was in the clutches of Makara (Crocodile), called out to Aadi Moola (the one who is the reason behind every being, animate and inanimate) to come to his rescue.

If we reflect on the story a little deeper, we will realize it is our story, the story of the jiva’s endless journey trapped into the vicious cycle of Samsaara.Just like Gajendra, the jiva has been roaming aimlessly, enjoying all the Bhogas available to him. Only during the time of a deep crisis do we even care to remember the greater Force which drives everything in this Universe(Bhramaanda).Even if The Lord’s Naama is chanted just once, with pure Bhakti and faith, He will rush to our resuce.Just as Hari rushed to the rescue of Gajendra, prodding Garuda, his mount to go faster and faster for his Bhakta who was crying out in distress.

The Crocodile here is representing the various sensory organs which succumb to the pleasures offered by Samsaara and the Jiva which is Gajendra is under its clutches.The moment, the Jiva cries out to Hari to free him the Moha-Maya of Samsaara with COMPLETE SURRENDER (Sharanagati) to the Lords feet, Narayana blesses the jiva to be free from the travails of Samsaara sagaram, granting the Jiva Mukti/Moksha.

This is what the story of Gajendra Moksham actually tries to convery.


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